Finding Solace in Creativity: The Journey of Personal Expression Through Music

by Mar 8, 2024

In 2021, after two decades of playing drums for The Sam Morrison Band, I embarked on a new musical journey by releasing my album of original material. Teaming up with my friend Blackthorne, we crafted an entire album titled “Scavenger,” and it was recorded under the banner of a band we called The Ruins. Scavenger has garnered success on various streaming platforms and in physical CD sales. The collaboration brought together a talented ensemble of musicians, including Stevie Dacanay from the band Buckcherry. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Musically, “Scavenger” embodies a blend of old-school rock and metal with hints of acoustic elements. This fusion allowed me to explore new territories while staying committed to The Sam Morrison Band. As an artist, stepping outside of one’s comfort zone is essential for genuine self-expression. The album stems from a tumultuous period in my personal life, marked by darkness and hurt, some of which was self-inflicted. Consequently, the project served not only as a creative outlet but also as a form of therapy.

Tracks like “Bone Saw,” “Mud Dog,” and “Duplicitous” delve into themes of betrayal, drawing from experiences of being let down by three close friends. Honestly, these songs are filled with anger and pain. You can stream the songs here.


Conversely, “Sins Of The Father” reflects on the parallels between my own struggles with alcoholism and those of my father — a poignant exploration of personal demons.

“Fade Away” serves as a heartfelt song to my beloved wife. It’s a poignant song carrying the weight of my sincerest apologies for the moments I faltered and let her down. It echoes of remorse, as I navigate the depths of my regret and longing for forgiveness. The lyrics become a vessel through which I express the profound sorrow I feel for the pain I’ve caused.


Before this journey, I had never experienced depression. Like many, I held the misconception that overcoming it was merely a matter of willpower. However, firsthand experience shattered this illusion. Depression is an insidious force, one that cannot be easily dismissed or conquered with sheer determination. It’s a battle that can consume every aspect of life, leaving one feeling powerless and isolated.

Yet, amidst the darkness, I discovered solace in creativity. Writing and composing “Scavenger” became a lifeline — a beacon of hope in the depths of my despair. It wasn’t a cure-all or a quick fix, but rather a gradual process of healing through self-expression. The journey was arduous, filled with moments of frustration, but ultimately, it was worth every struggle.

While remaining committed to The Sam Morrison Band, I, sought an additional musical outlet to express my emotions and foster personal growth, and because of this I learned my potential not only as a drummer but also as a producer. “Scavenger” caught the eye of SODEH Records, a modest Canadian label, leading to the signing of a three-album contract for The Ruins. Presently, we are immersed in the creation of the successor to “Scavenger,” continuing our collaborative journey forward.

Creativity, whether in the form of music, literature, or any other medium, has a remarkable ability to illuminate even the darkest corners of the mind. It provides a channel for emotions too complex for words alone, offering a sense of catharsis and renewal. Through “Scavenger,” I learned that creativity isn’t just a means of escape — it’s a powerful tool for resilience and self-discovery.

My journey with “Scavenger” has been a testament to the transformative power of art. It’s a reminder that even in our darkest moments, there’s beauty to be found in the act of creation. As I continue to navigate the complexities of life, I take solace in knowing that music will always be there to guide me through the storm.

You can stream the entire Ruins catalog here on Spotify.

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