Hold it down over there!

by Feb 8, 2024

Hold it down over there! Man if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that. Playing drums has been the passion of my life since I was 5 years old. After all these years I still love sitting behind my kit and playing music. I find it to be very freeing and at the same time extremely challenging. Playing any instrument at a level of proficiency is a huge challenge. Adding in the high levels of volume that come with playing the drums for hours on end to hone your craft, takes it to an entirely different level

When I was growing up and learning how to play the only thing drummers had to make their practice time quiet was a practice pad. Now don’t get me wrong. I have a lot of different practice pads and I play on them daily. It’s the way we drummers practice, honing our hand and foot technique. There are some fantastic pads and pad kits out there to choose from. However, most pad kits aren’t the same size or dimensions as a regular acoustic kit, so learning how to play and flow with effortless ease around the kit can be a bit stifling.

Rubber pads for cymbals have been around for years but they too are not the greatest product. They do cut down on volume a bit but not as much as one might think. The cymbals still project quite a bit, making a “bonking” sound that is not pleasant at all, not to mention the feel. When you put a rubber pad on a cymbal it completely kills the feel and response of the stick.

As a drummer and a drum educator I’m always on the lookout for products that will not only help my practice time but my students as well.

I’m truly fortunate to endorse and work with some of the greatest drum products on the planet. Here are 3 products that will make your kit so quiet that you could play at any hour of the day while living on the upper floors of an apartment with people below. All the while not sacrificing touch or feel and keeping your kit in a full size comfortable position.

In my opinion Sabian cymbals is the most innovative cymbal company in the world. Their commitment to excellence on every level is incredible. The Sabian Quiet Tone Cymbals is a way to solve the very issue we drummers have been dealing with for years. The feel of the cymbals is exactly the same as a regular cymbal with 95% of the volume gone. It’s literally not there and they feel amazing! You can check them out here. https://amzn.to/3AyJCif

The second two products are from Aquarian Drumheads. Like Sabian, Aquarian is second to none when it comes to superior products and innovation. They continue to live up to the standards of excellence set forth by their founder the late Roy Burns. Roy was a drummer’s drummer, always looking to pioneer new products in the areas of performance and education. Aquarian has lived up to Roy’s legacy with the Super Mesh and the Super Pad.

Mesh heads have been on the market for a while. However Aquarian has made a superior product in The Super Mesh. Its thickness of the heads not only makes it more durable than other mesh heads it’s feel is incredible. Like The Quiet Tone, The Super Mesh also allows you to play at such a low volume that you won’t bother anyone. It also gives you the capability to play on a standard size kit so that your instrument placement is the same as it would be in a performance situation. They’re available at https://amzn.to/3AD5vNd

The Super Pad does the same thing. It has a snug fit inside the hoop of the drum, sitting on the acoustic mylar head. The Super Kick Pad comes with 4 plastic clips that hold the pad firmly in place, once again sacrificing nothing when it comes to feel. This product is available at https://amzn.to/3tPEylK

Practice is a must. Quite practice has always been an issue but not anymore. If you have a passion for drumming and you want to play at your highest level, these products from Sabian Cymbals and Aquarian Drumheads can help you get there. Get yours and get good!

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Bart Robley